Let's help children when they need it!

THE HOME it means more than a roof over your head!

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We focus on creating a family and safe environment for children who need support and assistance in Casa Verde.

We provide protection, education and care for vulnerable children.

We provide a place where these children feel loved, protected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

We promote the rights and well-being of every child

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A dream in their mind is our mission


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The world demands and expects from us the simplicity of life, and we are here to answer that call. In a busy and complex world, we strive to simplify things, bring clarity and help make life easier for everyone. Let's continue to build a simpler future together!


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We contribute to improving the lives of our children!


We provide role models for our children. The first life lessons on how to deal with basic needs are learned from foster parents. We also provide non-formal education through specialized institutions by participating in various activities organized by them.


We offer the security of a shelter, conditions for preserving the health of children and ensuring the basic needs of life.

We help abandoned children in Romania to have a harmonious development.


Our mission is to inspire positive changes in the lives of vulnerable children and communities in Romania. We are committed to being a source of inspiration for every child and young person, encouraging them to explore their potential and dream big.


Our children are part of the community in which they live. They have friends, schoolmates, playmates and buddies with whom they share ideas and passions. We support them in effective communication to develop beneficial relationships for each of them.


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